Aspiring Air Hostess

My name is Yvonne and my homeland is Kenya. Since my childhood days, I have always had this passion to become an air hostess. This is a job that really took over my whole being. I even dreamed about being an air stewardess in my sleep. When I was young and growing up, it was […]

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What you should know about airlines food?

How healthy is airline food? Is the food served on aircraft good?

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Get Training – Big Demand For Workforce In Airlines Industry

Airlines industry is growing at a faster rate in the Asian air space and Middle East sector. Most important reason is increase in the income level of people and fast development of Asian and Middle Eastern countries. In next 10 years the airlines industry is expected to grow by 4 to 5 times. In view […]

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Are you looking for information on Airhostess Requirements?

These days airlines industry is growing fast because more people can afford for air travel and the cost of air travel is also lowering as compared to two or three decades back. This has led to an increase in the demand for Cabin Crew jobs. Most important aspect on how to become an Air Stewardess […]

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How to become an AirHostess?

No matter where you live, India, Pakistan, Philippines, China, Africa, Europe, America or in any country you can become an Air Hostess. The job of an Air Hostess can have you traveling around the world. This exciting flying job will have you flying with a first class attitude, staying in the finest hotels, meeting different […]

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