How to become an AirHostess?

No matter where you live, India, Pakistan, Philippines, China, Africa, Europe, America or in any country you can become an Air Hostess. The job of an Air Hostess can have you traveling around the world. This exciting flying job will have you flying with a first class attitude, staying in the finest hotels, meeting different people and lots of excitement.

What does it take to be an air hostess?

One of the important aspects of travel by air is concerned with making the journey of the passenger as much comfortable and safe. It is in this respect the Air hostess/Pursers play their role.  With the adoption of ‘open sky policy’, career alternatives in the civil aviation sector with the vision of a smart, efficient lady in mind.

Many young girls opt for the career because of the exciting experience of flying, visiting different places, interacting with different kinds of people on board and for the very attractive pay package. This is a highly demanding job which requires a lot of patience, a strong conviction, commitment and hard work for learning the technical aspects of aircraft operation and skills to manage difficult situation.


Eligibility: A simple 10+2 pass certificate (12 years of formal education with pass certificates) or a Graduation degree preferably in Hotel Management or Tourism is required to get enrolled for a short term Air Hostess Diploma Course. Moreover the candidate must also be 17-25 years of age and at least 154.5-157.5 cms tall, unmarried, not obese and have a perfect vision. Fluency in written and spoken English and also in another language is an asset. After the initial screening of applicants is completed the airline company calls them for a written examination, usually of the objective type. Those who qualify in the written examination have to appear for a group discussion followed by a personal interview of successful candidates


Personality Traits: The candidates should have a pleasing personality, charming looks, a good degree of common sense, patience, soft spoken, having interpersonal skills, ability to work in a team environment, adaptable  and a lot of zeal and enthusiasm to work in all conditions.



Job Profile: The duty hours are dependent on the flight timings and also upon the flight duration. Air hostess have to welcome the passengers with smile, help them to find out their seat, fasten their seat belt teach the safety rules and regulations for safe flying, providing the passengers with snacks, beverages, pillows and blankets ,making  the necessary announcement in the flight, and also to ensure comfort to the passengers . Apart from this the Air hostesses are trained for using the first aid, which helps to deal with injuries.


Remuneration: The AirHostess job gets a lucrative remuneration which can be around US $40,000. However, with experience, you can earn up to US $60,000 annually. The salary for fresh air hostess can be anything between US $16,000 to US $22,000. In India a fresher may earn anywhere between 16,000 and 30,000 Rupees. A Head Flight attendant may earn up to 70,000 Rupees in the domestic aviation sector. However, working with foreign airlines may prove to be lucrative. Reputed international airliners pay an average of nearly 1.5 Lac Rupees with senior Air-Hostesses getting above 3 Lac Rupees apart from lucrative perks and packages. Example: A kingfisher airlines pays between  Rs 50,000- Rs 70,000  in the domestic sector  and in Emirates A tax free starting salary of AED 3,640 (approx US$ 1,000) plus flying pay of approximately US$ 600  per month  Is offered. Besides the salary there are several lucrative perks such as grooming allowance, medical allowance, housing allowance ,uniform allowance, free home pick and drop and so on.


Career Prospects: The career as an air hostess is truly a rewarding one. However, only those with a keen interest to become an air hostess will succeed in this glamorous career. Apart from excellent perks and remuneration, it is full of wonderful trips to exciting destinations. An Air-Hostess may climb the career ladder to become Head Flight attendant and also move alternatively to Ground Staff services.

Please read the answers to the questions in comments. Some readers are asking the same questions without checking for the replies to previous comments. The same questions are likely to be resolved with the same replies. All airlines are recruiting directly from applicants who write in. This website cannot give you the jobs directly. Please write to the airlines. They may even offer alternative job offers if they require manpower. They recruit during the whole year. The airline which does not hire immediately may place your application in the waiting list. All the best, and good luck, to our readers, who are aspiring air hostesses.

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  1. Robin Pennels says:

    Hi, I trust you are well?
    I am a young 22 year old female (South African) with lots of ambition.
    I have been wanting to be an air hostess since my school days, when i finished Matric i started working immediately due to the fact that both my parents lost their jobs at the time, which in turn led to me not furthering my studies. i have 5years work experience, mainly working with clients/customers. i was hoping that there was a way for me to get into air hosting as i have a great personality, single and no dependents. is there maybe a bursary or some kind of funding in order for me to pursue my career in air hosting.


    • AirHostess says:

      You can check the below website for career in the Airlines Industry:

    • Zhane` johnson says:

      Hello I’m zhane` want to become an Airhostess.during my school days I always want to set my goal to beocme an airhostess I got the height but still on school and must you make matric done.How long do you study and must you have your own teeth in to become an Airhostess.Is it a must to go to college and study on and how much languages must you lean. Please reply on my message cause this is my dream come true

      • AirHostess says:

        Hi Zhane, Good to know that you are interested in becoming an Air hostess. You need to complete your school. It is advisable to complete your graduation before starting work as an Air hostess so that later you are not worried about education. Another aspect to this is in case you want to change job, you have your base qualification as graduate to take another job. Right now it is good time to learn some additional language. For domestic sector flights minimum two languages are preferred and for International sector flight 3 languages are preferred.

        Good luck,

      • linda manu says:

        am linda from Ghana (i am 20 years of age now about to go the university) and i really like to become an air hostess but i don’t know the course i should study in university pleace can give me a little tips on the course i should study please.Thank you.

        • ewurama says:

          hello, my name is Afriyie.from Ghana I m 18 years old and in my second year in the university, I am currently studying human resource management but I have high hopes of becoming an airhostess. Id like to know if I can become an airhostess with human resource management, also I speak only one international language and 2 local languages.

  2. Hi,I’m a 25yr old female(zimbabwean)with a great personality and attitude towards life.I’ve always had a zeal for air hosting but due to financial disability I couldn’t pursue my a result I became an employee soon after high school.a hard worker, can work under pressure, loves challenges and team work with great communication skills and 7yrs of customer service one person that simply believes sky is the limit .I was hoping there is a way I could find my air hosting dream ,what is the procedure
    As I would love to attend training classes

  3. nomfundo charity mhlongo says:

    im a 22yr old female in matric and my dream is to be an air hostess bt my mother is unemployed and so i cant aford to study next year.what can i do to make my dream come true

  4. nomfundo charity mhlongo says:

    if it means i have to clean the airplane so be it because im in need of a job so mybe i can earn money to attand training so my dream will come in need please,im good with peaple and im a hard worker

  5. Am 20yrs old i completed my matric last year and this year am doing marketing management at pc training and business college but its not something that i like, i did it because the universities were full due to high pass rate of last year and i did not want to stay home doing nothing. I want to be an air hostess because i love the job, and have all the personality.where can i study for this career. (South Africa)

  6. charlotte says:

    Interested in becoming an airhostess n wld lyk 2 knw hw da price range goes

  7. nomsa gaga says:

    im 20 years old just got my results i liked air hostess job since i was 14 im doing modeling for part times,im a peoples person,im able to work underpressure,dedicated in what im doing and enthuasistic as well.
    Thank you for your time,your respond will be highly appreciated.

    • AirHostess says:

      Pl. check the webpages which are updated daily. Email/ send your info directly to the airlines/ recruiting firms:

      We don’t hire flight attendants, pilots, cabin crew directly. We can provide information. We have compiled the list of companies who offer careers in the aviation industry. Its up to the resource departments to select candidates.

      If you’re shortlisted, you’ll receive a reply. Follow their directions. Good luck.

  8. Nkele molokomme says:

    Im working as an wardhostess @ the hospital. I’ve always dreamd of being an airhostess ive got a charming smile and i’ve got da looks.
    My problem is…
    I dont hev a matric.
    Any chances???? I love the work hey

    • AirHostess says:


      You need to complete the AirHostess training course. Can you check for the training institutes near or in your town? If the institute can train you without your matric qualification then one possibility is that you can apply for small airlines or people owning personal jets.

  9. Refilwe Marumo says:

    Hi I am 23 years old female and I realy love to be an airhostess.I am busy with my diploma on travel and tourism management and I would like to apply for dis job,how do I apply?

    • AirHostess says:

      Hi Refilwe Marumo,

      You will have to complete the AirHostess training course.
      Did you try to find out the training institutes around your town?
      Some Airlines do accept candidates and provide training/ scholarship to complete Airlines training or courses, you can check at respective Airlines website or check some of them listed here:

      AirStewardess / Airhostess Careers

  10. aleezay khan says:

    i am 17 years old i like to be airhostess and i am complete my matric thiss year my urdu is very poor i am having my fa

  11. tulasha bhandari says:

    Hi, Im Asian 25years old bachelor girl dreaming to become an airhostess. I have no idea how to apply for the training. Right now im living in USA and struggling for my better future but never get success to kill my thoughts to become an airhostess. I wish if you could help me how to apply for the course and give me the website that i can be able to fulfill my dream which cames in me since a childhood time.

  12. lise lohandjola says:

    hello,i am a congolese form DRC and i have one of sister who have a dream to become a airhostess but first she want to study it in south africa but we don’t know exectly which best university she have to go.Thanks


    I have completed my cabin crew training and my licence,currently looking for a job as.I need to know where should I apply as these recruiters require money for them to place

  14. Antonio Elizabeth says:

    Pls am 16 years old and about to finishe my senior school ssce,i would love to be an air hostess.pls can u call me and help me?cause i love the work.08093598521 thanks.

  15. Alice says:

    i am air hostess of emirates. Its really fabulous…!!!

    • AirHostess says:

      Hi Alice,

      Thanks for writing here and good to know that you are an air hostess with emirates. Please feel free to write more about your experience an Air hostess. Your first hand experience will help in big way to those aspirants who also want to take up this career of Air hostess.


  16. sisaenkosi says:

    hi my name is sisa and am male who is inrested to become a air hostes so i dont know what to do plz help

    • AirHostess says:

      Hi Sisaenkosi,

      Good to know that you are interested in becoming an Air Hostess. I am not sure which country you belong to. Below link contains a large collecting of official website of various airlines career and scholarship details. Please visit to get more respective detail:

      If you still think that you have any more specific query, feel free to ask here.

      Good luck.

  17. joy says:

    Hey I’m currently in matric (South Africa,Port Elizabeth)I would really like to know what steps to take after Matric will I be able 2 apply nw already or should I wait 4 next year?

  18. mano says:

    I’m a student of F.S.C.(non-medical),I’ve complete my matric with good marks.I wished to be an air hostess since my childhood.I’ve a great command on my english,urdu and also punjabi language as well. I’ve a charming personality but no training or diploma for air hostess.I’m living in pakistan please guide me to become an air hostess and to fullfill my dreams.Please…..

    • AirHostess says:


      Good to know that you know 3 languages, this will be your plus point to get selected as air hostess.
      Do you have any cabin crew / air hostess / air stewardess training institute near by your place in Pakistan? If yes then you can check the courses available and minimum educational requirements. For any cabin crew / airhostess / air stewardess training in an airlines it is good to join after completing your graduate degree. You can get the details of Pakistan International Airlines requirements at this website:

      Best wishes.

  19. Clare says:

    HI, if i complete an air hostess course in my home country will it be recognised overseas?

    • AirHostess says:

      Yes, if you have done an air hostess course it will be recognized overseas because the airlines also understand that one person cannot keep doing the air hostess course from different different countries.

      Good luck.

  20. Nompendulo silvia Radebe says:

    Hi,im 21 years of age and matriculated in young,motivated and vibrant.i’ve always wanted to be an air hostess bt due to my financial problems at home i couldn’t afford. I was forced to work right away after matriculating due to the fact that my mom wasn’t working and i never saw my father in my entire life,though i tried to budget and fullfil my dream is jst not working.i’l do anything for me to reach it.please please help me

  21. aarushi salvi says:

    i just completed my 12th
    my hight is 5.3
    my weight is 42
    im fair & good looking
    my english is poor m frm marathi school
    its my dream to bcome an air hostess
    can u hlp me ???

    • AirHostess says:

      Hi Aarushi,

      Good to know that you are interested in becoming an Air Hostess. It appears that you are from India and for most of the Airlines in India also they need you to have good spoken English. It is easy to pickup spoken English if you have strong desire to become an Air Hostess. Since you already know a regional language Marathi, so after learning spoken English you will be having an added advantage as compared to other candidates who can only speak English and Hindi.

      Good luck.

  22. Heidi says:

    Hi,I am a 38 year old female and it has always been my dream to be an Air Hostess,but never had the opportunity to do so.Can I still make my dream come true or is there an age restriction???

    Thank you

    • AirHostess says:

      Most of the airlines prefer candidates below 28 years of age but exceptions cannot be ruled out. Some small airlines may accept your candidature if you have strong desire to do your best as young candidates do not like to join small or less popular airlines.
      Good Luck.

  23. natalie says:

    Hi I’m natalie I’m the age of 17,I’m from South Africa I live in cape town,it is my dream to become a airhostess…I need to know what are the I need to complete a course,what will it cost because my parents is not by the means of finance I will do anything to pay for the course

    • AirHostess says:

      Please check below link for collection of airlines website offering careers and scholarships to become Cabin Crew:

  24. Aisha says:

    i m done with my olevels and i would love to work as an air hostess.Currently doing my alevels,age 18,have fluency in english,bangla and hindi.Is it somehow possible for me to get a job as a cabin crew?

  25. Hlengy says:

    i’m 22 yrs old frm Durban,and i’ve recently started liking the job of being an airhostess bt i’m not to sure of what to do,i’m looking for a place to do a course related to air cabin crew. if u cn help please.

    • AirHostess says:

      Do you have an air hostess training institute in your town or near your town? If yes, then please join it. If no institute is available then you will have to keep looking for the advertisements of the airlines companies for air hostess so that the you can apply to it directly and they they will provide the training.

      You may like to visit this website for jobs/career/scholarships :

  26. Noopur Mishra says:

    hii,,, myself noopur mishra and i m persueing my degree from jabalpur. i love this airhostess job, their way to handle the customers, way of talking, way of styling,, everything. but my father says that the future of air aviation world is in danger, ypu cannot become a successfull airhostess in civil aviation sector. so, what can i do to answer him, can you please help me by sending me some particular website of airhostess which have every information about airhostess future. like, best study center of airhostess study.
    your answer will be appreciable.

    • AirHostess says:

      Any job you will have ups and downs and no industry is recession proof. In fact aviation industry is growing many fold and with some restructuring from time to time. Just by saying that the industry is in danger is no reason to discard the industry. Most important to remember is that the job of an air hostess is really tough because at times you have to reach airport at 4am for your 5.30am flight. Most of the study centers are air hostess training are almost the same but the best training is provided by the airlines company because you can learn from the actual air hostess.

      You may like to visit this website for jobs/career/scholarships :

  27. yvonne simon says:

    hi am yvonne from Kenya, am 18 years old. It has been my dream and passion to become an airhostess since i was request is, what i can do to fulfill my dream, the qualifications and if i can get scholarship please help me.

    • AirHostess says:

      Hi Yvonne,
      Good to know that you want to be an AriHostess. If you will read the details we have compiled at the top of this page then you will be able to get the details of basic qualification that are needed to become an AirHostess.
      Regarding scholarship, you can check the below website Airlines Industry. It has link to many airlines official websites and some of them have provided details of scholarship if offered.

      Good luck.

  28. Hardi Kadija says:

    I am a girl of 17, a is my desire to be an airhostess since when i was 10. Am now a final year student in high school after i complete i would like to go for a degree course in hotel management.i would want you to tell me what to do

  29. Hardi Kadija says:

    I would be going to the US after my degree please where would i find an airhosting training school and would they accept me with my degree in hotel management course and please in the training school do they learn languages.I would want you to guide me.

    • AirHostess says:

      Can i know the name and its place of university you will be complete your degree?
      Normally in the airhostesss training school languages are not taught, training is generally limited to skills required for an airhostess. It is better to learn additional languages in advance so that you fluent at the time you attend airlines interview.

      Good luck,

  30. Hardi kadija says:

    Please can you help me to find some universities in the US which i can apply and get enrolled for my degree in hotel management or travels and tourism.Thank you.

  31. Hardi kadija says:

    Please can you give me any university in mind ,universities you know in the US

  32. Palesa says:

    I’m 18 almost finished with matric. I’m 1.63m tall, I can swim, I speak English, French, Zulu and Afrikaans. Will I be able to get an air hostess job in December when I’m finished with my matric?

  33. Farzaanah Davids says:

    Hi. My name is Farzaanah Davinds… I am 18 years of age and i have always dreamt of becoming an air hostess as it is a fascinating experience… I am in matric this year and i was just curious as to how do i apply to become an air hostess… If you could help me out it will be highly appreciated as this will be a dream come true!!! Yours sincerely
    Farzaanah Davids…
    Thanks for the time

  34. Karen Themba says:

    Goo day am Karen Themba from south Africa its my dream to come a air hostess am a hard work enjoy travel I us to live in Israel for 4 years and London in UK for 3 years pls get back to me thank u very much Karen themba

  35. Hardi kadija says:

    Please madam, i am a ghanaian and a girl of 17, i am very confused right now as i went through the previous messages of my colleagues.I am a final year student in high school and i will be completing in early may,i dont know now if after i complete high school should i go to the aviation school or to the university for my course in airhosting.
    ,because am eager yo become an airhostess.Can you please help me dear airhostess.

    • AirHostess says:

      It is highly recommended to go to the university as it will help you in future. In this competitive world, employers first preference generally is a university graduage. Sorry for late reply.

  36. Hardi kadija says:

    I am eager to be an airhostess

  37. Hardi kadija says:

    A happy new year madame,please i am waiting for my reply,have a nice holidays

  38. Hardi kadija says:

    Please ma’am,should go for a degree in hotel management or a degree in tourism and travels

  39. jamie-lee hendricks says:

    Hello :)

    I’m jamie and i’m from Cape Town. I’m 18 and in matric this year. I’ve always wanted to become an air hostess at a very young age. Where should I go study to become one? I really want to fulfill my dream.

    • AirHostess says:

      Hi Jamie,

      I would recommend you to complete your graduation first. This will help you to get better job after you have complete your career as an Air hostess.

      Good Luck.

  40. Precious says:

    I love this job

  41. akhona says:

    hi there i am a 22 year old lady nd eagers to become a airhostes one day but my problem is finance at this point , i try to get a job but with the little income i get i manage to just buy food for my family of 3…. what i am trying to know is there any learnership that you guys offer ?

  42. faith says:

    Hi there I am 18years old lady I will love to become an air hostess I am studying travel and tourism, At Cjc college am doing my first year in level 2 .it will be a greater opportunity for me to become air hostess I always do my research about it ,it gives me more time to learn about air hostess I have a good personality and a beautiful smile too .

  43. charlie says:


    My name is Charlie I would like to Knw about this height thing,I am 150cm tall so is there any possibility that I may not qualify to be an airhosters due to my height reading from your introduction u said you want 150,5cm or 157,5cm tall but I got that look , I have done my matric ,I am people’s person,I am now studying travel and tourism management at University of Johannesburg

    Plz help

    Plz help

    • AirHostess says:

      Hi, Charlie. You can try to write in to airlines to inquire. There are ground crew or other jobs which offer good opportunities too.

  44. zahra touray says:

    hi am zahra. my dream has always been becoming an air hostess. please what do I need to do to get scholarship for the training

  45. Bih Mildred says:

    Am Mildred 21year old am undergraduate student in one of the university of Cameroon studying marketing. Is my dream to be an air hostess . Please I will be waiting for my reply.thanks

  46. nthabiseng says:

    Hi I’m Nthabiseng I’m 19 I didn’t finish school ended in grade 10 then went to an FET college due to my academic problem. I’m dyslexic bat I don’t let my disability get in the wy of my dreams and my dream is to become an air hostess bat I’m not even sure if it possible.if the is some thing I can do please assist me in any way.

  47. storm palmer says:

    My name is storm and I’m currently still at school in grade 11. I would like to become an successful flight attendant oe day when I immediatly after I finish my schooling, at the moment I know 3 languages. Would you please help me out by telling me where in Cape Town can I study.

    Would really appreciate your reply.

  48. Adelola says:

    I have always being thrilled by air hostess.I love it.what professional school can I go to in London and if they provide scholarship programmes for citizens though I schooled in Nigeria.thanks in anticipation

  49. Thelma wulff says:

    Pls am looking for a place to do an attachment or training i really want to be an airhoster pls help me

  50. Hello,
    My name is Blanche Mbuta Mbanwi. I am years old and am in my final year at the University of Buea. Dear madam reading this, I have passion for this job just as God mothers have passion for their kids . It’s been my dream to be an air hostess some day. Am a very confident young woman , am patient, soft spoken, good looking, I can work in a team and imteract with just anybody. I once applied here in my country at Ethiopian Airways but I didn’t get any reply. Madam I beg you to alert me if any of such opportunities come up again. Yesterday ,I was tokd there is scholarship program available now in Ghana but I don’t know how to go about it.I was told my a friend that it’s a free scholarship program which will be payed for when the trainee starts working .Please , I trust someone here could be of help and I wish I get a reply from you.Thanks .

    • AirHostess says:

      Dear Blanche,

      You may like to search your local newspapers and airline websites to see the job offers. The jobs are in the countries where the applicants are staying in. You can use the internet to search for airline jobs.

    • AirHostess says:

      You can avoid asking the same questions, by reading what the readers have written. To look at the jobs, visit your local airlines’ websites. For instance, those staying in India can visit

      There is a link called Careers. Click on it and you’ll see a webpage

      You can see what is available and apply from the list.

  51. Nobuhle Nthabiseng Mtsweni says:

    Hi. I’m Nobuhle i’ve completed my matric last year. Becoming an Air hostess has been my dream. I’m a very passionate person i’m ambitious i take what i do seriously. I know how to communicate with people, i want to know that when applying you allow online applications or hardcopy applications and how much is the application fee and is there any schoolarships??. Your response will be highly appreciated.

  52. Nobuhle Nthabiseng Mtsweni says:

    Hi. I’m Nobuhle south african citezen i’m 20 years of age. I completed my matric last year. Becoming an Air hostess has been my dream. I’m a very passionate person i’m ambitious i take what i do seriously. I know how to communicate with people, i want to know that when applying you allow online applications or hardcopy applications and how much is the application fee and is there any schoolarships??. Your response will be highly appreciated.

  53. Nobuhle Nthabiseng Mtsweni says:

    Hi. I’m Nobuhle south african citizen i’m 20 years of age. I completed my matric last year. Becoming an Air hostess has been my dream. I’m a very passionate person i’m ambitious i take what i do seriously. I know how to communicate with people, i want to know that when applying you allow online applications or hardcopy applications and how much is the application fee and is there any schoolarships??. Your response will be highly appreciated.

    • AirHostess says:

      Dear Nobuhle,

      Many people save money and time by using online applications. Basically, there are two common ways of applying for jobs.

      1) Hardcopy ads
      2) Online softcopy ads

      Every airline company is different. You must contact them by writing or telephone, to find out what they ask for. Then, you can prepare your application. Photos are required. If the airline needs hard copies, you have to send them in. If scanned images are allowed, you may attach pictures to your online application. Companies do not return hard copies of photos and documents so make sure you always have many spare copies.

  54. wasfiekah says:

    Hi I’m 20 years I did not finish school I only have a grade nine certificate I want to know if I need matric or can I just go for a course what is my next step??? I want to become an air hostess there’s no other dream please help me

    • AirHostess says:

      Dear Wasfiekah,

      You can try by writing in or calling the airline you wish to apply for a job in. As each airline has its own specifications, you have to discover what is their rule on academic standards.

  55. lesego says:

    Hi;i am still 16 years old but I love the career an air hostess.I just want to know if you can qualify if doing life science; physical science; geography and mathematics while in school;what courses can qualify you in college to become an air hostess

    • AirHostess says:

      Dear Lesego,

      Every airline has its requirements. Generally, you can qualify if you meet the minimum required number of passes. You can be taking any subjects, but you need to pass well in order to apply for any job. Good luck.

  56. lucy says:

    I like to be airhostees it my dream job i dont knw hw to apply?

    • AirHostess says:

      Hi Lucy! You can try looking at the classified ads, job recruitment ads and online ads for air hostess jobs. Good luck.

    • AirHostess says:

      Dear Lucy,

      Please visit your country’s local airlines. They would like to hire locals. Every airline has a website, where you can search for the “careers” weblink. Click that to see what jobs are available.

  57. sonam choden says:

    Hi I am sonam Choden from a small country (Bhutan).dose it possible to become air hostess in other country also? I really wanted to know about such things because it was my ambition to become air hostess.but I am only 17 years old.after my graduation will you help me for this job??

  58. AirHostess says:

    Dear Sonam,

    You can apply in your own country. Many airlines advertise for jobs in the country where they are operating their airline. I do not have your local newspaper so it is best you check this daily to spot the ads. There are recruiting companies but they may charge money for training and grooming in special courses. I think it is more effective when you look up your local newspapers for jobs.


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